Charmaine's Place ...Go Home Cookin'!

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The new shop in Niagara Falls '17! 

Charmaine's Place Go Home Cookin'

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6309 Drummond Rd.,Niagara Falls, ON

Charmaine’s Place serves international foods traditionally found in countries that enjoy hot climates, such as Jerk Chicken, Cuban -style roasted pork, curried goat, homemade, hand-rolled meatballs as well as other "home-cooked" favourites.

WHO's WHO ?:
Charmaine & husband Zephie, draw on their food service and cultural backgrounds to form the basis of the menu: He's from Montego Bay, Jamaica and Charmaine was born in Niagara Region (St. Catharines). Her background is half Italian (Molise) and the other half, German Mennonites who came here from Russia! Having shared years of travel to Cuba & Jamaica, together, they cook up a storm!

Charmaine & Zephie have both engaged in community-based work for the bulk of their professional lives. Charmaine & Zephie have a firm belief in building local community by being active business owners in the community where they live.

Charmaine's Place had a successful run in Toronto since 2012 and has been relocated to Niagara Falls. A "coming home" for Charmaine.

Charmaine's Menu is based on an ancient tradition/ concept, "the host's table". Italians call it a "Tavola Calda" or Hot Table and the French call it a "Table
D’hôte". Essentially, the menu changes daily, according to what is fresh or in season, or back in the day, according to whatever the Chef felt like making that day!

​At Charmaine's Place, the menu is published weekly, and the offerings change daily - with one exception: Jerk Chicken! It's our MOST REQUESTED DISH, so we make it fresh, daily!
There will often be something else on the Hot Table that Charmaine felt like making that day that also interests your tastebuds! So make sure to come in and ask!
​ Charmaine’s Place offers the kind of food you want to take home and the kind of place where you’ll always feel welcome!

​We call it "...go home cookin'!"